Evelina Vorontsova ~ piano

Jeltsje Stobbe

(late)romantic, early modern, jazzy classical

“A pianist for Rachmaninov.” Evelina Vorontsova is considered as one of the finest interpreters of Russian composers by music critics and piano lovers. Her cantabile legato and intense virtuose style bear witness to a highly romantic approach to music. Music reviewers attest to her “ability to paint a wide range of colours on the piano”, her “flowing serenity”, “refined phrasing” and “get-and-keep attention of the public.” Two well received albums with works of Rachmaninov, Scriabin, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Bach and Scarlatti place Vorontsova in a distinguished tradition of Russian pianists. The critically acclaimed album Rachmaninoff (2016) received 5 out of 5 stars in International Piano and has been compared to recordings of Berman and Kocsis. Yehudi Menuhin was so much impressed by her talent that he invited her to play at his festival in Moscow.

Sergei Rachmaninov – Etude in e flat minor (2021)

Evelina Vorontsova performed solo recitals worldwide including performances at the Great Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, Teatro Comunale Bologna and Suginami Koukaidou Tokyo. As a soloist Vorontsova performed with international orchestras led by Yehudi Menuhin, Lev Markiz, Jan Stulen, Stewart Robertson and Alexander Wakulsky. Vorontsova loves the energy of chamber music and performed with hundreds of musicians and ensembles, among whom Herman Krebbers, Sidney Harth, Marina Shaguch, Valentin Zhuk, Vera Beths, Natasha Korsakova, Leonid Kerbel, Sergei Ostrovsky, Jeroen den Herder, Igor Ruhadze, Boudewijn Zwart. Vorontsova played at many festivals, especially in Italy, Russia, Portugal and the Netherlands (Prinsengracht, HMS, Cellofestival, Stift). A highly versatile pianist, Vorontsova also plays jazz and promotes jazzy classical composers such as Nikolai Kapustin.

Wrapped in a warm cloud of the right pedal, Rachmaninov’s rich, emotional sound world comes roaring and whispering from the Steinway. Impressive is Vorontsova’s special ability to make the instrument sing in all imaginable timbres.

Christo Lelie, Trouw

Evelina Vorontsova comes from a family of pianists. At the age of eleven she played her first concerto with orchestra on TV from the Great Hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. Vorontsova graduated cum laude at the Central Music School for Talented Children, the Tchaikovsky Conservatory (gold medal) and the Conservatory of Amsterdam. She is a prize winner of various competitions including the International Franz Liszt Competition Utrecht (2nd prize), the (all-Russian) Rachmaninov Competition Moscow (4th prize and special prize for best performance of all etudes and preludes), the Concorso Internazionale per Pianoforte e Orchestra Cantù (2nd prize Romantic Concerto), and the 1st Prize Premio Virtuositè and 2nd Prize at the International Piano Competition of Padova.

Evelina Vorontsova is professor of piano at the Utrechts Conservatorium, and teaches students worldwide online through her Vorontsova Academy for Russian PIano Method.

Nikolai Kapustin – Concert Etude no.1